TC Bans Air Show Pilot From Practicing

super dave

Super Dave Mathieson has been banned from practicing at his home airport of Chilliwack, B.C.

Transport Canada says air show pilot Super Dave Mathieson can’t practice at his home airport of Chilliwack, B.C. anymore because he might be scaring livestock.

According to the Chilliwack Progress, TC sent the performer a letter April 8 telling him he can’t do aerobatics at the airport below 2,000 feet AGL even though he has all the permits and waivers necessary for low-level aerobatics.

After some people in Chilliwack complained about the noise he makes during his twice-daily practice sessions, TC decided the special flight operations certificate he has allowing low level aerobatics “is inappropriate and will be considered a violation” if he exercises it at the local airport.

“I am now stopped in my tracks,” Mathieson said. “As an air show pilot, if I can’t do these manoeuvres that take me almost to the surface, I can’t prepare for the air shows.”

He can’t do it just anywhere because all his timing marks and reference cues are on the runway and he needs those marks to practice the routine.

TC said it was the Chilliwack Airport Authority that opposed the practice but the airport is one of Mathieson’s sponsors and officials deny they have opposed the flights.

Airport manager Garry Atkins said TC made the decision without consultation with him or Mathieson.

“We wish we had been invited to be a part of those discussions, but we weren’t,” said Atkins.

“We fully understand the needs of people to have quiet, peaceful enjoyment of their lands. On the other hand we have to balance the fact that Mathieson needs to practise at an airport. It’s hard to balance.”

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